2015 in many words and some photos

Last year I summarized my year in a long blog post, and with 2015 being nearly over here comes this year's version.

My year in numbers

I was at 6 different conferences in 6 different cities across 5 different countries:

  1. FOSDEM in Brussel, Belgium (February)
  2. .concat() in Salzburg, Austria (March)
  3. otsconf in Dortmund, Germany (August). I was one of the organizers
  4. Redis Dev Day in London, Great Britain (October)
  5. Hungarian Web Conference 2015 in Budapest, Hungaria (November). I gave a talk about Rust
  6. 32c3 in Hamburg, Germany (December)

This includes the first conference I ever organized (otsconf) and my first real conference talk (Web Conference). I hope I get more opportunities to speak next year.

GitHub says I made 1434 countable contributions (1650 if you count private repositories) across dozens of repositories. I now maintain 8 published Rust crates (9 to be really correct) as well as 5 unreleased Rust libraries. I hope to finish up the remaining crates and polish the existing ones (and maybe bump them to a stable 1.0)

I released 6 versions of hiredis, 2 of hiredis-rb, 4 of hiredis-node and 2 of hiredis-py. My plan for 2016 is to mark hiredis as stable, push out the 1.0 release and then update the others as well (considering it might be used in Rails soon, this seems to be a good idea)

About 158 mails on the Redis mailing list were sent by me.

I posted 196 photos on Instagram and my ~/photos/2015 directory now contains about 4600 more photos.

I wrote more than 8600 tweets, more than half of them in reply to someone. I didn't quite reach my own goal of writing a bit more, but 12 blog posts still come down to about one per month.

My year in photos and words

After the busy ending of 2014, 2015 started just as busy. Away from university, I spend more time working, but I found enough time for conferences and a quick one-week visit in San Francisco in April.

Golden Gate Bridge Bay Bridge

University and work kept me busy the whole summer, but I still catched a bit of the Sun.

After finishing up the Summer semester, I left for Norway in August.

Norway Flag

I came back for a weekend to run otsconf. It was a success, but see for yourself:

Play Video: Mood Film OpenTechSchool Conference 2015

Back in Norway I had the absolute best time. For example hiking up a hill, sitting on the Kjeragbolten thousand meter over the Fjord.


My semester ended early on the first of December, so I had another chance to travel around Norway. Even without a lot of light, the Lofoten are a beautiful place to stay.


With 2015 coming to an end, so are other things. I had to replace my old Laptop, which stayed with me for the last four years.


I really enjoyed living & traveling in Norway and I already put it on my todo list to come back in the summer. I was lucky to be part of so many different but welcoming communities. It's a joy every time I meet these people again.


This year was so great because of all the great people I met along the way.
Thanks to the otsconf team, Ola, Shelly, Carsten, Leif and Hendrik.
Again thanks to my employer rrbone and my boss Dominik for giving me opportunities to learn and work.
Thanks to the the new friends I made while living in Norway. I hope we manage to meet up again soon. Knowing people everywhere is great if you travel and I'm very grateful to all people that hosted me, like Lotte in Hamburg and Tobias in Tromsø. And thanks to all those I didn't name explicitely, but who made this year so much fun.

2016 won't start any less busy. With my next university semester only starting in April, I will make the best of that time. The next trip starts in less than five days.