Longboarding: Vennbahn

Today, right after finishing my only lecture of the day, I rented a longboard at a local skate shop and then took the bus out of the city. I went out to Kornelim√ľnster, a small district of Aachen, about 10 km outside of the city.

In the last days it rained half of the day, but today it's sunny and really warm. The route goes mostly downhill from Kornelim√ľnster, so I did not need much pushing and could just let it roll.

I collected the route with an app. The results: 10,9 km in 53 minutes. Top speed: 31,5 km/h. 12,4 km/h on average.

I was much quicker than I thought, so I got some ice cream in the city of Aachen before heading home.

The route on a map (available in a Gist):