MozFest 2018: An inside perspective

It was the first time for me to attend MozFest, after I heard only good things about it from last year. When I walked into the venue on Saturday morning, I immediately knew that this conference was a bit different than others I attended: Spread over 9 floors, separated into different topic areas people from all sorts of backgrounds presented their work, project & ideas. Fully unprepared and a bit overwhelmed I jumped into sessions discussing interplanetary communication tools, data journalism using satellite imagery or how and if we should preserve all digital content as historic artifacts in an ever-changing world.

The one thing I enjoyed in all these sessions: Technology by itself was not considered as the solution to problems. It might inform what solutions we built, what features we add or what data we track, but we also need to be critical of its implementations. I definitely want to come back next year.

MozFest 2018: An inside perspective on the Mozilla Berlin Blog (English article)
So war's beim MozFest 2018 (German version of the article)