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"I think the best online events don’t try to recreate the past, but start with a different experience" -- Linda Liukas. This, so much this. Online events need to be different. The one thing I feel is missing from that article though is how to enable this way of producing content for online events when one does not have the high-end equipment, a fast internet connection or experience with video editing.


A thing I noticed today during an online workshop I attended: Slowing down and writing out the most trivial examples helps me better remember the content. This is not something entirely new or enlightening, but it’s to a large extent not how I approached learning tech topics in the past.


If you're against deplatforming racists and fascists then go fuck right off. Deplatforming works and no company, organisation or individual needs to provide them a platform.


After reading A Guide to Starting a Daily Writing Practice (after my colleague Ryan blogged about it) I considered doing the same. I immediately started to build my own little note taking tool. But I have this blog. It's easy to use, so why build it new?