git opinions

There's been a lot of chatter about git on the internet lately. So shortly after this morning's breakfast coffee I had opinions on the internet. Let's look into those.

Old Ruby on modern Nix

The other day I had to deploy an old Ruby 2.7 application. As I've recently started experimenting with NixOS I used this as an opportunity to figure out how to reliably and consistently deploy this application. Along the way I had to figure out a couple of things and the available Nix documentation was either outdated or things didn't work as specified.

ssh-keyscan: fdlim_get: bad value

ssh-keyscan: fdlim_get: bad value - That's the error message I got the other day when I was trying out some project. The web was incredibly useless in telling me what the hell was going wrong here. So I set out to find why this was happening, how to fix it and hopefully make this error message findable on the web. And this is the story how I found a type confusion bug in some 20-year old OpenSSH code.

Five-year Moziversary

Celebrating five years in my job as a Telemetry Engineer at Mozilla.

Serving WebFinger resources with Nginx

As I'm starting to use Mastodon more and more, I'm also learning more about how the underlying ActivityPub protocol works. Using the WebFinger protocol my domain now acts as an alias for my actual Mastodon account.

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