Deploying GoToSocial on

Everyone and their dog is getting on ActivityPub. Yes, me too, for now. Mastodon is what everyone is going for, but running an instance is kinda resource intensive and I really don't want to be responsible for yet another service.

State of Maintenance: hiredis-py

Back in 2018 I handed over maintenance for various (hi)redis projects to different people. I retained access to some repositories and packages, but purely out of caution.

Reflections on HYTRADBOI

Yesterday the HYTRADBOI conference happened. These are my talk talk recommendations and thoughts on the conference format.

Four-year Moziversary

Celebrating four years in my job as a Telemetry Engineer at Mozilla.

This Week in Glean: Your personal Glean data pipeline

On February 11th, 2022 I gave a lightning talk titled "Your personal Glean data pipeline", presenting a little side project for ingesting, transforming and analyzing data collected from Glean-powered applications myself.

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