now with code higlighting

I am a programmer and I like to write code and I like to talk about code. That's why this blog really needs some syntax highlighting for my favorite languages.

With jekyll as my static site generator it is easy to enable it. Just get the kramdown library for markdown parsing and coderay for the highlighting. Then enable both in your configuration.

This is my current _config.yml:

paginate: 5
permalink: pretty
exclude: Rakefile
markdown: kramdown
  use_coderay: true

    coderay_tab_width: 2
    coderay_css: class

If you use coderay_css: class make sure to include a CSS file on your page (see my coderay.css).

Adding syntax-highlighted code in your post now works like this:

    indent code by 4 spaces

    even multi-line

    and define language after code block


And now some real highlighting to show it in action:

module CodeRay
  def about
    [, 'rocks!'].join(" ")
  module_function :about

And that's it.