my instapaper stats

I am an actively user of the great Instapaper service. Instapaper is a great tool to save web articles for reading later. Even since I got my Kindle 4 back in December I let Instapaper sent each and every article I saved directly to it right in the morning. The first thing I do when I wakeup is starting the kindle to get the new issue so I can read it at breakfast.

Before I had the Kindle I had to read all saved articles on the PC (or my Smartphone) where the reading experience really sucks for long articles. My workflow was much different and I deleted most read articles instead of marking them as "read". But since I use the Kindle for reading I always archive old articles.

Back in February I started to get some statistics on how much I really read (and yes, every article saved to my Instapaper accout I actually read), so here is my nice graph:

Instapaper stats

I started with 54 saved articles and I am now up to 234 articles. That makes 180 new articles read in just 77 days (my graph starts on 21.02.).

Most of the articles are coming from Hacker News and my twitter stream (maybe I should start some more statistics on the topics and which language I read most)

I use a simple script executed via cronjob to fetch the list of articles from Instapaper, but more on that later (I have to cleanup the script and then I can release it).


If you're wondering what the 3 lines on the bottom of the graph are: the green one is the "Starred"-line (currently at 11 articles), the blue one is the unread count (mostly between 0-5 articles per day) and the purple line is the "saved"-folder (8 articles, which contains non-article links and is now more or less superflous as I have a Pinboard-Account)