Getting back online!

Hi there,

You've been super busy with Try Redis today, and that's awesome.

That's from an email I got a few minutes ago. It was from alexmchale, the maintainer of try.redis.

try.redis is, as I know now, a really cool project. It offered a simple REPL and Step-by-Step-Tutorial similar to tryhaskell, tryruby and other tryX sites.

It was available on and hopefully will be online again in a few days.

It went offline a few days ago (maybe longer) and since then several people asked on IRC (#redis on freenode) and twitter when it will be back.

So today I wrote a mail to the Redis-DB mailing list with the intention to help, improve and maybe maintain the project.

I quickly got answers from Alex and antirez. Both are working on the hosting part right now.

Meanwhile I sat down and quickly fixed three open bugs and looked through the others, which resulted in 2 more PRs closed (already applied) and about 4 issues to be closed soon.

Next step, once open bugs are fixed, is to update the tutorial (some missing things like hashes) and improve the stability and quality of this project.

It only took me a few minutes working on this, but it's nice how this little help can make the difference.

Now it's your turn to get involved in an open-source project. try.redis needs some more help, too.