git merge 2013

Friday and Saturday I attended gitmerge, a free Git user conference in Berlin.

Friday was filled with lots of lightning talks with lots of interesting ideas, projects and stories. I tried to collect most of the projects or slides in a link list on pinboard. More info about each project can be found in the git repo from the userday.

Saturday was planned as hackday. @mislav wanted to improve hub, a wrapper for git. He listed the planned features in ticket #1. I tried to help with that, but most mentioned issues were a little over my head without ever have looked at the source. After a lot of code reading I could atleast fix a little bug and comment on another issue.

To wrap things up, git merge was a nice little conference, showing off interesting projects and ideas and I had a few little talks with nice people.

(Oh, and of course visiting Berlin is always nice)

Scott Chacon Vicent Marti Aquarium food