At the end of last year I was once again in Hamburg, this year for the 30th Chaos Communication Congress. And it was simply awesome. Great talks, an amazing location and lots and lots of great people.

Videos are available at cdn.media.ccc.de

You should definitely watch Glenn Greenwald's keynote (CCC TV link). Other talks I watched that were good:

Some of the pictures I took:

2013-12-26_14.32.12.jpg 2013-12-27_11.56.54.jpg 2013-12-27_14.06.39.jpg 2013-12-27_23.13.27.jpg 2013-12-29_01.19.27_HDR.jpg 2013-12-29_17.20.46.jpg 2013-12-30_02.41.48.jpg 2013-12-30_12.56.44.jpg 2013-12-30_14.22.05_HDR.jpg 2013-12-30_15.00.28.jpg 2013-12-27_13.18.34.jpg

More photos (not from me) can be found at flickr.

Update 03.01.14: Fnord News Show link added.