Things I read, Week 6

This post is part of a new experiment this year: Trying to briefly collect articles/posts/code/documentation I read in the past week and add some comments for things I consider important.

(A day late due to last week's travel and sickness)

Blog post: Tokio Internals

David Simmons dives deep into tokio-core, futures and asynchronous programming in Rust in general. This article helped me quite a bit to understand how all the different things work together. It's the missing documentation for the named crates and combines a look into the code, a look at the executed syscalls, pretty diagrams and a lot of text to explain everything in detail.

(I had this saved for a while, but never managed to read it)

Video: Containers aka crazy user space fun

Jessie Frazelle keynoted 2018 with a tour through the container ecosystem. She explains what a container even is, how it sandboxes things and which knobs you can turn to lessen its security. Worth a watch if you're working with containers.

(A summary will eventually be available on LWN)