A new job

In September 2012 I was hired by rrbone to work as a software developer alongside my studies. Over the last 5 years I worked on multiple projects, some internal tools, some external work with and for clients and was also allowed to consult customers on-site or give Rust trainings. In addition, rrbone covered some of my conference visits, became the main sponsor of otsconf, the first conference I organized, and allowed me to attend other events under sponsorships. Together we built networks for large festivals, small unconferences and other community conferences. I was allowed to write Rust code for an opera play and open-source it, attended IETF 91 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and learned a ton about networks and how the internet works (sometimes it doesn't). All of that while I was still studying.

For all of this I am very grateful.

Thanks Dominik, for being my boss and friend for such a long time and for all the things I could learn.

But now after five years it is time for new challenges.

I will join Mozilla as a Firefox Telemetry Engineer, starting next Month.

Back in 2015 I met Flaki, who later pushed me to give my very first conference talk. Shortly after that he introduced me to the Mozilla Tech Speaker program. Not soon after I became a Tech Speaker, attended conferences and meetups as a speaker and worked closer with Mozilla. Since then I met a lot of people working at or with Mozilla, some of who I consider friends by now.

When I finished university last year some of the same people pushed me to apply at Mozilla, especially Ola. I did and today I can announce that it paid off and they hired me. Taking this new job also means I will move to Berlin soon.

As a Telemetry Engineer I will work on improving the quality of Firefox and help different teams to instrument new features in Firefox. I'm incredibly excited to work on this project together with folks from whom I can learn a thing or two (probably a lot more).