Things I read, Week 10

This post is part of a new experiment this year: Trying to briefly collect articles/posts/code/documentation I read in the past week and add some comments for things I consider important.

Article: As we may think

A 1945 article by Vannevar Bush, summarized on the morning paper, about how scientists might work in the future. He imagines a world were researches constantly collect documents and informations in photos or other records and links relevant parts together. We pretty much have that part by now. Everyone is taking pictures of everything, we have a web of interlinked documents (the WWW). But Bush has one more idea for that future: A trail of thought through all those documents and links. It's interesting how we now have his imagined future, but we still lack important parts to trace back our own thoughts.

Article: How the rapper Dessa’s turn to neuroscience inspired her new album, Chime

The rapper Dessa did some neuroscientific research and experiments on herself to analyse how her brain is dealing with thoughts about an ex-boyfriend she just couldn't let go. Using high-pitched sounds she was able to stimulate her brain to reduce the activity regarding this boyfriend. The results are of these experiments are the inspiration for her new album (I still need to listen to that in more detail)