One-year Moziversary

At this day last year I walked into the Mozilla Berlin office to start my first day of work. 365 days later, today is my very first #moziversary.

I joined the Firefox Telemetry Team, now consisting of :chutten, :Dexter, :gfritzsche, :travis_ (he joined us in November) and me.

Since I joined I:

... and probably lots of other stuff I forgot.

The next projects for Firefox Telemetry are already in progress or about to start, mobile Telemetry is progressing quickly and, while I haven't written code for the current implementation, I hope to talk more about that soon.

To the next year and beyond!

Thank you

First and foremost of course a big THANK YOU to my team. It's been fun working along you.
Another big thank you to everyone in the Mozilla Berlin office, it's always a pleasure to come to the office. And of course thank you for everyone I worked with so far at Mozilla.