redlock-rs changing owners

Redlock is a distributed locking mechanism built on top of Redis. The full specification is online at Distributed locks with Redis.

More than 6 years ago, on November 22, 2014, I published redlock-rs, shortly after renamed it to just redlock. In 2016 I tagged it as 1.0. In 2019 I did some code cleanup, dependency upgrades and merged some external contributions, resulting in a 1.1 release in April of this year. Shortly after I archived the repository to signal that I'm no longer maintaining it.

This must have been one of my earliest Rust crates I published. It let me play around with the Redis crate, while also learning Rust. I've never even ran Redlock in any work or private project, so I don't even know if it holds up to its guarantees.

Nonetheless it seems other people are relying on Redlock and the Redlock crate specifically. I was appraoched last month asking if I'd be willing to hand over maintainership. I agreed.

Ownership of the Redlock crate & repository will move to Aaron Griffin (@aig787) within the next days.

As of today the full implementation is a mere 130 lines of code (and an equal amount of test code), directly translated from the plaintext specification. Everyone who relies on it should be able to review that code.