Things I read, Week 9

This post is part of a new experiment this year: Trying to briefly collect articles/posts/code/documentation I read in the past week and add some comments for things I consider important.

Blog post: Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble

Emacsen, a long-term OpenStreetMap contributor, lays out why the OpenStreetMap project is falling apart and what the project needs to change about its approach, its technology and tooling to make it a long-term successful and viable project. I am a user of OpenStreetMap data, rely on its geocoder and would very much like it to exist in the future and provide an open data set of geo data. From that post though OpenStreetMap's future looks more than uncertain. I hope they can pull it around and work on their shortcomings.

Documentation: Mercurial for Git users

As prepartion for my new job I installed Mercurial (hg) and played around with it. The linked documentation compares Git (what I used for the past 5 years) to Mercurial. Seems there are quite a few similarities and it shouldn't be too hard to get comfortable with it.