Exporting Twitter Spaces recording

For better or for worse people are using Twitter Spaces more and more: audio-only conversations on Twitter. Simon Willison recently hosted one and wrote a TIL how to download it. I helped because it's actually easier than his initial solution, so I'm copying that here:

Exporting the recording using youtube-dl

Open the Twitter Spaces page, open your Firefox developer tools console in the network tab, filter for "m3u", then hit "Play" on the page. The network tab will capture the URL to the playlist file. Copy that.

Then use youtube-dl (or one of its more recent forks like yt-dlp) to download the audio:

youtube-dl "https://prod-fastly-us-west-1.video.pscp.tv/Transcoding/v1/hls/GPI6dSzgZcfqRfMLplfNp_0xu1QXQ8iDEEA0KymUd5WuqOZCZ9LGGKY6vBQdumX7YV1TT2fGtMdXdl2qqtVvPA/non_transcode/us-west-1/periscope-replay-direct-prod-us-west-1-public/audio-space/playlist_16798763063413909336.m3u8?type=replay"

This will result in a .mp4 file (media container):

$ mediainfo "playlist_16798763063413909336 [playlist_16798763063413909336].mp4"
Complete name                            : playlist_16798763063413909336 [playlist_16798763063413909336].mp4
Format                                   : ADTS
Format/Info                              : Audio Data Transport Stream
Format                                   : AAC LC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity

To extract only the audio part you can use ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i "playlist_16798763063413909336 [playlist_16798763063413909336].mp4" -vn -acodec copy twitter-spaces-recording.aac