Three-year Moziversary

Has it really been 3 years? I guess it has. I joined Mozilla as a Firefox Telemetry Engineer in March 2018, I blogged twice already: 2019, 2020.

And now it's 2021. 2020 was nothing like I thought it would and still been a lot like I said last year at this point. It's been Glean all over the year, but instead of working from the office and occasionally meeting my team in person, it's been working from home for 12 months now.

In September of last year I officially became the Glean SDK tech lead and thus I'm now responsible for the technical direction and organisation of the whole project, but really this is a team effort. Throughout the year we made Project FOG happen. At least the code is there and we can start migrating now. It's far from finished of course.

I blogged about Glean in 2021 and we're already seeing the first pieces of that plan being implemented. After some reorganization the team I'm in grew again so now we have Daniel, Anthony and Frank there as well (we're still Team "Browser Measurement III"). This brings two parts of the Glean project closer together (not that it was far apart).

There's more work ahead, interesting challenges to tackle and projects to support in migrating to Glean. To the next year and beyond!

Thank you

Thanks to my team: Bea, Chris, Travis, Alessio, Mike, Daniel, Anthony and Frank and also thanks to the bigger data engineering team within Mozilla. And thanks to all the other people at Mozilla I work with.