Four-year Moziversary

It's my fourth Moziversary. It's been 4 years (and three days) now since I joined Mozilla as a Telemetry engineer. I joined Mozilla as a Firefox Telemetry Engineer in March 2018, I blogged three times already: 2019, 2020, 2021.

The past year continued to be challenging. Except for a brief 3-week period the Berlin office stayed close, so we all continue to work from home. I haven't met (most of) my team mates in person since 2020. I hope that in 2022 I will have the chance to meet some of them again, maybe even all at once.

I already spent some time on looking back on most of the work that happened on the Glean project last year in a This Week in Glean post, so no need to reiterate that.

For 2022 Glean will be about stabilizing, some new features and more widespread adoption across our products. I'm still excited to continue that work. We will see what else I pick up along the way.

Thank you

Thanks to my team mates Alessio, Bea, Chris, Travis, and Mike, and also thanks to the bigger data engineering team within Mozilla. And thanks to all the other people at Mozilla I work with.